Removing files from dead notebook with 1.8-inch ZIF hard drive

Oct 16, 2010
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After years of faithful service, my Sony VAIO VGN-TZ150N notebook finally died (only good things to say about that machine). This machine had a Toshiba hard drive MK1011GAH / HDD1789 S ZM01 (1.8-inch ZIF hard drive).

To get the files off the hard drive, I used a Cubeternet Hard Drive Enclosure Caddy (1.8-inch ZIF/LIF Hard Drive with 40-pin ZIF connector – no model number on the unit, but I believe it is a Cubeternet GL-CB185Z40). After pulling the hard drive out of the dead VAIO, it fit nicely into the enclosure. The enclosure had a 40-pin connector ribbon located inside which connected to the slot on the hard drive. Once connected in the enclosure, you can access it as an external hard drive using the USB Mini port on the outside of the enclosure. This method worked well to get needed files off the old hard drive. No external power required. The enclosure cost about $12.00.
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