Removed Audio Limiter from headphones

Jan 4, 2003
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Yes I know it's a safety feature built in to some headphones, however this particular one was dreadful

It was in a pair of my sons Lexibook headphones. The particular model were the Despicable Me, Minion ones I bought him last year for our holiday abroad so he may use his tablet etc whilst I read a book.

Even on full volume it was barely audible. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would say about 3

Anyway it was a simple fix. I cracked 'em open and attached to each signal input on the small drivers was a 1/8 watt 150kohm resistor. Removed it and much, much much better. Obviously not deafening loud as they are not built for adults or stage use but seriously better.

No pictures unfortunately, but lets face it do people need them?
If you don't know what a resistor is google is your friend :D

There are more complicated ways of limiting volume in headphones but these were cheap ones from Aldi just under a tenner if I remember correctly.

job done, thought I would share ;)

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