Remove all spaces from a field?



Is there an Access function that I could use within a SELECT query to
remove spaces from the contents of a text field? This is in
Access2000 called through an ODBC driver.

I'm not looking to trim just leading or trailing spaces. I need to
remove all spaces from the text.

SELECT SomeAccessFunction(mytextfield) AS nospaces
FROM mytable

Van T. Dinh

Do you mean you try to access Access (JET, actually) data using ODBC from an
external application?

If that the case, I don't think so since you cannot use VBA functions or
custom functions in the MDB since these are only available when you use

There may be some ODBC scalar functions that you can use. Serach Microsoft
Web site for ODBC scalar functions.

OTOH, it may be easier for you to simply retrieve data from JET and then
manipulate the values in your application.

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