Remote Procedure Call


Kieron Reilly

Every time i connect to the internet, i am getting
disconnected after approx 1 minute. i get a message saying
that the remote procedure call has failed and that NT
Authority\System has initiated the shutdown.then i get a
one minute countdown before the system shuts down i
operate windows xp and im not on a network, i really dont
understand can anyone help.


This exact same thing is happening to me, and several of
my friends. In fact everyone who has XP and an internet
connection seems to have this problem. Is this a new
virus? It has just happened now, so I've got 1 minute to
write this!! Please help Microsoft!!


From my expereience today I found that I had to disconnect the lan/internet
connection before running internet explorer...first I went to symantec and
downloaded the fix, had to try a couple of times before I was able to get to
actual website and download, then after I restarted, without lan connected
and ran the fix. Hope this helps.



Hi Kieron,

To stop the reboots: Go to Start/Run and type in: services.msc. Scroll down
to Remote Procedure Call (RPC)/Recovery/First Failure/Restart the Service.

Then close Windows Explorer, run the edit on line 257 then run the patch
listed below it:

Windows XP Security Patch: Buffer Overrun In RPC Interface Could Allow Code

More information here:


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