Remote Desktop Web Connection Through Linksys Router


John Vaughan

I have set up the Remote Desktop Web Connection and if I am using a computer
plugged in to the router I can access my desktop by typing the ip/tsweb (I
set up the forwarding), however I can't seem to connect with anyone else's
computer not behind our router.

Any suggestions?



John Vaughan

Nevermind thats not the problem. The problem is my internet service
provider (Cox) blocks port 80. Any way to get around this?




Sooner Al

You would need to use a different port for IIS...See the following for instructions on changing the
IIS port.


If you need to change the IIS port to something else (because your ISP blocks port 80), look at this
reply to a similar problem by Bill Sanderson (MS-MVP) for help...

Right-click My Computer.
expand Services and Applications,
expand Internet Information Service
expand web sites
right-click default web site, choose properties
You'll spot the TCP Port (80) in the upper panel.

You have to choose a substitute. 8080 is one choice made for proxy servers. One popular brand of
routers uses this address for remote html admin, if you
enable that feature--so 8081 may be a better choice if you might have such a hardware router in

At any rate, pick a port--restart IIS.


Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows Networking)

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