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Giorgos Panousos

i have just set up my first LAN of 2 computers using winXP home. it works
fine. one of them is ICS. but while trying to use the remote desktop feature
at one of the computers, when i search for the other, i can see the name of
my LAN, but when i click on it i get an error message saying that there is
no terminal client in my LAN. what's wrong? i've also tried to type the
other computer's name or it's IP but i always get the same message. thanks
in advance.



Sooner Al

XP Home can not act as a Remote Desktop host. So...

Look at using NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing (RDS) or
VNC in order to access/control an XP Home box remotely...

You can get the VNC software from ,

Note that the VNC data stream is *NOT* encrypted like the
RDS data stream is. Over the public internet that is a
potential security risk. Some folks run VNC through VPN
or SSH tunnels.

NetMeeting is built-in to XP and 2000 and can *NOT* be
upgraded. Look at this KB article for help with RDS...;en-





Dear giorgos.

Since both of your PCs have winXP home installed there is
no remote desktop server(PC that accepts incoming
requests for remote connection) in your lan. Win XP home
has remote desktop client software (you must have
installed it) but only win XP Pro has remote desktop
connection preinstalled and after enabling the server
function (My computer-Properties-Remote-Remote Desktop-
check Enable remote users to connect). Try using other
remote control software like Pc anywhere (host and client)

Also visit the Microsoft website

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