remote desktop setup pppoe



I am trying to set up a remote desktop connection to one of my customers in
order to do some database mods.

His internet connect is PPPOE using a Dlink WB1310 router. The workstation
that I am trying to access has XP Pro

I have never been able to get remote desktop to work with out a static
public IP address.

Can someone point me to information that will help me set this up??

Thanks in Advance

Jack [MVP-Networking]

The public IP has to be known to you and it does not matter if it is static
or not, as long as you know what the current IP.
Means to deal with dynamic WAN IP here,
If the computer is behind a Router and thus the computer has a local IP.
The Remote Desktop Port as be opened through the Router toward the
Computer's IP.
This operation has to be done locally by the remote user. I.e. you have to
instruct the user how to open a port through his Router.
If you are not familiar with Port Forwarding, this site has a list of most
common consumers Routers with instruction to how-to.
Means to deal with dynamic WAN IP here,
Jack (MS, MVP-Networking).

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