Remote Desktop Problem



I running 3 XP Pro (SP3) computers connected to a wired router and high
speed modem.

Computer A can run a Remote Desktop connection to either computer B or C.
However, computers B or C cannot connect to computer A via Remote Desktop
but these computers are able to view the files on computer A using My
Network Places. That means they know about computer A.

Remote Desktop is enabled on computer A and the Firewall Exception is set to
allow this connection.

Computer A is a new system I built last month. This was the first time I
tried a Remote connection TO this computer and was surprised to find I
couldn't connect - I normally Remote to the other two systems from computer
A. What am I missing? After I enter the computer name (or IP address) into
the Remote and click "connect", the dialog box dims for a moment but nothing

Greatly appreciate any suggestions

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