Remote Desktop disconected error



I have a w2k server with TS. I cannot connect to it via
It is active, and even from the server desktop connecting
to itself it gives the Remote Desktop Disconnected error.
I have checked TS is running and it is (remote admin
mode), but in the netstat I cannot see the server
listening on 3389.
I have about 120 servers running in TS remote admin mode
and this is the first I have seen. I checked the port in
the registry and it is set to 3389.

I get absolutely no errors in the event log either on boot
or when connecting.

I can connect to other machines from this server fine with
RDP, but nothing can connect back. Only strange thing is
that 2003 server was loaded onto a diferent disk after
windows 2000 - i.e. E:\ for 2k3 and d:\ for 2K

I am completly out of ideas - any suggestions would be

Rajneesh Mahajan \(MSFT\)

Just to be sure that TS is in remote admin mode, try the following:

Right click on my computer, click on properties and choose remote tab. Make
sure that "Remote Desktop" checkbox is checked.

If above is already checked, go to service manager and make sure that
terminal service is not disabled.


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