Windows XP Remote Desktop Connection forced to re-logon

Feb 18, 2008
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I have recently setup Remote Desktop Connections from a bunch of Windows XP Pro PCs to a remote server running SBS 2003. Users can connect happily and consistantly. I am using a product called 'WinConnect Server XP' which allows multiple connections without the need for a Terminal Services server. Everything works very nicely as long as the session users remain active. If the RDC session is allowed to sit idle for too long the Log On screen appears and if the username and password are not entered within a minute the session is disconnected. The users are telling me that it happens as quickly as 5-10 mins of being idle. I have tested it from my location and see the same symptom after 30 minutes.
The 'disconnect when idle' setting in WinConnect Server XP is set to 'never'. I've been told that having the clock enabled on the task bar can be enough to keep a session from being idle but this makes no difference.
Note that the message is not the Terminal Services message where you just have to move the move the mouse or strike a key to stop being disconnected. It doesn't say anything like that. The server logon screen just appears. The RDC session is still going at the time, but if the user details are not entered soon enough the session will then be cut off.
Any ideas?

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