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I have a Win XP at the office connected to a Linksys Router model BEFSR41. We have a cable modem for internet connection. I have a Win ME with a dial up connection at home. I am trying to use remote access from the WinME but keep getting the message that it can't connect, my Network may be busy.
I use the IP address for the linksys and am using port 3389.
I've tryed Microsoft support & Linksys support but don't really understand all the lingo they use. I'm a novice computer user so plain English would be helpfull.
Any suggestions on what my problem may be will be appreciated greatly.
The frustration is starting to set in!



Sooner Al

Things to look at...

1. Make sure Remote Desktop is enabled on the PC your trying to connect to...

2. Make sure you can successfully connect to the PC your trying to connect to by testing this on the
local LAN using the static local LAN IP address.

3. Verify you have port forwarding setup correctly on the Linksys router. Forward TCP Port 3389 to
the static private LAN IP of the PC your trying to connect to. See the following page for a
detail...Ignore references to PC2 through PC4 in the example and modify the private LAN IP to fit
your network...Note that with firmware versions 1.42.7 or EARLIER, you must DISABLE SPI on the
Filters page...

4. Call, from a remote location, using the public IP of the router, ie. the IP assigned by your ISP.

5. If you still can not connect, run this telnet test to see if you can pinpoint a problem...;en-us;Q187628

Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows Networking)

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