remote control error



Hi all
I am trying to use the remote control feature (and connecting to a disconnected session) on TS and am encountering the following error
Session (ID1) remote control faile
Error 5 access is denie

I am running TS on a win2000 server and am logged in as domain admin, and as far as I can tell I have the correct permissions. Nothing shows up in the event log and I cant find any reference to this error 5 anywhere

Anybody have any idea
thanks in advanc


Vera Noest [MVP]

A couple of remarks:

* Are you trying to do this from the console? Remote control
doesn't work from the console, you need to do it from within a rdp
* By default, the user must accept the remote control session.
That's kind of difficult if it is a disconnected session...
* Have you tried tscon to connect to the session?

243202 - Windows 2000 Terminal Services Session Management Tools

232792 - HOW TO: Use the Terminal Services Remote Control Feature

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