Reminders for deleted calendar items



If I delete an appointment - regular or reccuring, I still get the
reminder for that appointment. I never noticed this happening until I
started using Outlook 2007 on one of my computers, but I have tested
with outlook 2003 and it is doing this strange thing as well now, but
none of my 250 users on 2003 has complained about this. And I am
getting these phantom reminders on my Blackberry, so this problem with
the Outlook Client is affecting my exchange mailbox.

I have used the /cleanreminders and it doesn't help. I have looked at
the active appointments and these deleted ones are not listed there.
I can close the reminder and I don't get any errors, so it isn't a
corrupted item - its just that outlook isn't able to clear the
reminder when it deletes the appointment. How do I get it to stop
doing this?

This is one more reason I will not be deploying Office 2007 any time
soon. This problem is just the icing on the cake. Other issues
include outlook reorganizing my mail items and/or turning on the
preview pane when I switch between calendar/tasks/notes/inbox. Also,
every once in a while, my list of shared calendars disappears and I
have to add them all back.

the phantom reminders are currently the most irritating problem, but
if anyone has any idea about how to prevent the other two issues, I am
all ears! Thanks!

da crusher

I am just noticing the same problem on both my Outlook 2007 and 2003
versions. Something we found was that if the calendar item is still in the
Deleted Items folder, it still notifies.

We removed the calendar items from the Deleted Items folder and we received
no reminders....

Hope this helps!

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