Reminders disappearing Part II



I had an issue with Outlook reminders (posted a few weeks back) where my
reminders on my Outlook 2003 machine (cached mode) disappeared if I
simultaneously opened Outlook 2007 (non-cached) on another machine.

On the advice of two Outlook MVP's I upgraded my Outlook 2003 machine to
2007, and I get the same issue:

*Create calendar item on machine #1, reminder window appears
*If I open Outlook 2007 on machine #2, the reminder disappears

For fun I created a calendar item on machine #2-- and the reminders don't
pop-up at all! When I create and save a caledar item and re-open it, the
reminder setting is blanked.

On machine #1 I launched Outlook with /resetreminders, when that didn't work
I used /resetfolders, but I get the same behavior.

Any ideas?

- Bill


YES!!!! Bless you - that was it. I've got a test reminder up and it hasn't
disappeared. Thank you!

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