Relative Path to a Folder



I have a workbook containing a macro which combines the contents of several
workbooks that are in a sub-folder of the folder in which the combiner
resides. The macro uses the following code to identify the path to the
subfolder containing the workbooks to be combined:

Sub Filter_Data()
Get_File_Names _
MyPath:="C:\Documents and Settings\mtn1\Desktop\Test
Folder\Templates", _
Subfolders:=False, _

My problem is this: It's going to be on a network, and not all users will
have the same drive letter mapped. I have investigated relative paths, but
all the examples I've seen are paths to a specific filename in the target
folder. How can I tell the macro to look for workbooks in a subfolder of the
folder that contains the macro, without using that folder's absolute path?


Try this and change the to your network IP
\\\Documents and Settings\mtn1\Desktop\Test\Folder\Templates


Yep, I stumbled on this solution about two minutes after asking the question

Thanks to all for your help.


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