I'm trying to relate all my tables and I keep getting the
following message:
Index or primary key cannot contain a Null value
The following shows all tables and Primary Key (PK)
What am I doing wrong when I go to join the Orders and
OrderDetails tables?
ORDERS - OrderNumber (PK), CustomerID, EmployeeID,
OrderType, OrderDate, OrderTotal, OrderDetailsNumber
ORDERDETAILS - OrderDetailsNumber (PK), OrderNumber,
ProductID, Quantity, CurrentPrice, Discount, LineAmount
PRODUCTS - ProductID (PK), ProductName,
ProductDescription, ProductCategory, UnitPrice,
UnitsinStock, ReOrderLevel
CUSTOMERS - CustomerID (PK), CompanyName,ContactLName,
ContactFName, Address, City, State, Postcode,
ContactTitle, PhoneNumber, FaxNumber, EmailAddress, Notes
EMPLOYEES - EmployeeID (PK), EmployeeSurname,
EmployeeGivenName, Address, Suburb, PhoneNumber, TFN,
StartDate, TerminationDate, YearlyBonus,
CurrentBonusPoints, Telemarketer

Any help would be much appreciated.

David Wilson

If the error occurs when you are trying to assign the field as the primary
key (upon saving), then that field has a blank (or "null") value in one or
more rows. There must be a value in each row. Ideally the _ID fields will
just be the autonumber type.

If the error occurs on trying to save the relationship update, it is
probably a missing row in the "one" side of the relationship. This is only
an issue where you are enforcing referential integrity. See "one-to-one"
and "one-to-many" relationships to learn more.

Marcelo Scofano Diniz


at first glance, I saw no error.
1) All of your tables are empty now?
2) All of your tables have yet no other index besides the PK?
3) The ORDERDETAILS.OrderNumber is a Foreign Key (FK) of ORDERS.OrderNumber.
So, ORDERDETAILS.OrderNumber is a long integer, is it?

If these assumptions are not true, try copy the database with empty tables
and associate them. If no more errors, a data error is catching you, like an
ORDERDETAILS.OrderNumber that not exists in ORDERS table

Good luck

Marcelo Scofano

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