Relationship Help with Tables



This is the tables I have on my database. Can someone take a look and make
some recommendations on the relationships.

tbl FV Case Info = main (parent table - Id No is the primary key)
tbl FV Charges = child table (links with Id No to Case Info)
tbl FV VW = child table (links with Id No to Case Info)

The Docket Number = one case, each record should have a charges reecord with
count number, charge code, crime name, statue, disposition per count,
sentencing per count (there can be more than one count per case info record).
Then there is one V/W Record for each case (only one record is required per
case record).

I have a case info as main form with the charges as an embedded subform and
a control button that takes you to a V/W form.

I need help with creating the relationships.

I have taken a snapshot of the relationships window and can be found at :

Any suggestions?



Duane Hookom

I would change all the table and field names to remove all spaces and change
"generic" field names to something more descriptive of their purpose:

For instance:
[tbl FV Case Info] to [tblFVCaseInfo]
[Id No] to [CaseIDNo]

If there is a one to one relationship between two of your tables, I'm not
sure why you don't place all fields in a single table.

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