Reinstalling XP Professional



I need to reinstall my os. I have multiple os on my hard drive and want to
remove at least one of them it is causing problems. I have all current
updates and SP2 installed. I go to computer management and try to format or
delete partition but it is grayed out. I tried the disk but it say's that the
version on my hard drive is newer than the disk and won't proceed. Can
someone help? Thanks.




First off you cannot format the partition you have booted from.
It would appear that you are using some form of boot loader to boot to
the various OS's you have installed, make sure you can reinstall your
bootloader with ALL its information otherwise you may not be able to
access your other OS's.
Make sure you have backed up your data and settings (the Files and
Settings Wizard may be of use here).
With those things said ook at:-
How to perform an in-place upgrade (reinstallation) of Windows;en-us;315341

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