Reinstalling Anytime Upgrade


Tom R

Following a fisk crash I reinstalled Vista Home Premium 64 bit. Folloing
install and activation, I tried to reinstall the Anytime Ultimate upgrade
which failed twice. There have been no changes on my system with the
exception of a new drive, but it activated fine. Before attempting the
anytime upgrade, I did allow the system to download and install updates from
the Windows site. I cant see whether or not it installed SP1. Does this
impact the reinstall. The operating system and the anytime upgrade were
purchased prior to SP1 release.

Any help would be appreciated.

Colin Barnhorst

What exact message are you getting when you say "fails."

Your hard drive files and the AU files must be at the same service pack

Check the System info page (WinKey + Pause/Break) and see if it says SP1.
If it does, turn off automatic updates and uninstall SP1. Install the
Anytime Upgrade package, then turn automatic updates back on and let it

Mick Murphy

start>right-click Computer>Properties>see if you have SP1 there.

If system has SP1, and AU does not, uninstall SP1 from system, upgrade,
reinstall SP1.

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