Reinstall Outlook - How to import back up file to be main calendar




I've reloaded my OS and reinstalled Office 2003
I have a backup .pst file that I want to become the main inbox, calendar,
contacts etc.

I've imported .pst file but it shows up as a secondary inbox, calendar,

How do I get my newly loaded Outlook to use this backup file as the primary

make sense?


Thank you, that was easy. But now, it seems I have a corrupt file.
The back up file that I opened from "file, open" is not letting me close it
(whenb I right click it) . A message pops up which says, " operation failed.
An object could not be found. "

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling office 2003, and the file is still
there. Per last link you provided, I followed the instructions for repairing
files. I ran the tool on two .pst files...errors were found and fixed...I
still can not close the folder.

Any suggestions?

Thank you,

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