Registry Problem, custom context menu handler.



I've created my own right-click context menu handler and i've done alot
of registry research and I have my problem narrowed down.

The problems occurs if the file type selected has a static command/verb
associated with it (i.e. a .txt file having the OPEN command
"notepad.exe" "%1" hardcoded in the registry).

If one .txt file is selected and the OPEN command is run then all is

If two or more .txt files are selected and the OPEN command is run, I
know that it is running the static verb OPEN two times but it runs
through my menu handler instead of the "notepad.exe" command.

A static command/verb will run multiple times if multiple files are
selected (i.e. notepad opening twice) whereas my dynamic command/verb
takes the selected filenames and passes them to my application once.
This is how I know that its the static command running because it runs
my menu handler multiple times (displays a messagebox multiple times).

But when i check the registry its clear that the .txt file is properly
associated with notepad.exe and i have verified that the OPEN command
is indeed still hardcoded to "notepad.exe" "%1".

What is strange to me is that when only one file is selected it opens
properly with notepad.exe but when multiple files are selected it
chooses to use my context menu handler.

P.S. the registry values are indeed setup properly, creating a context
menu handler in the shellex registry for the "*" class, and is also
added to the trusted context menu handler list.

Again, my menu handler works as expected in all situations except when
one of the multiple files selected has a static command/verb associated
with it in the registry.




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