I'm in the fortunate position of owning two PC's which sit side by side - how do I load Word on the second pc without it telling me its already registered to my first pc?



Carey Frisch [MVP]





Logan said:
buy a second WORD ...otherwise it's piracy.......
I realize that I am making a negative comment here to people who have
absolutely nothing to do with establishing the policy. However, this is one
reason why I use only a very limited number of Microsoft products (for
example, I use PowerPoint and purchased two copies, for the reason you
gave). Many companies permit a user to install the same copy on more than
one computer as long as no one else uses either computer. Thus, I legally
used the same disk to install WordPerfect on two computers. Since I am the
only user, it is obvious that only one copy is used at a time. Likewise, I
have several other programs with similar policies.


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