registers for sounds



This post is intended for the most part for the attention of Crouchie1998,

I posted a message on 5/13/05 concerning an unwanted activity of the Windows
Installer which tried to install either an Acrobat or for the lack thereof
just any other application. It was weird. Input by Crouchie1998, I hope it
is not your birthdate, is much appreciated:)

Anyway, I hate to say but that advice did not really work. I think I tried
it close enough to the original instruction. The trouble began when I could
not find any MSI files at all. I still have no idea what they are.

Somehow I found my way around to solve the problem. If interested, I will
try to describe steps taken but I want to mention that your advice served a
purpose: it stimulated my exploration of the registry and I learned a lot.
Now I am ready to take on another challenge.

I have a trouble with my sound system. After downloading RockInAudio
application, a sort of a media player, I found that my sound system went
silent. When I test it with msn messenger wizard there is no sound and no
response from the mike. The sound card is in a good shape as evidenced by
add/remove hardware-->add/troubleshoot device test run. The answer: the
device is working properly.

The problem started on one computer. I downloaded the RockInAudio on two
computers but paid $9.99 required only for one application. I took time to
evaluate it and then forgot which one was paid for. My hunch is that after
the grace period the unpaid for application mutilated relevant registers but
then I exported the whole registry from that computer to the other one to
solve the problem I described in the original post and the second computer
fell silent.

I want to get down to the bottom of it. I want to catalogue all registers
related to sounds and get a handle on them once and for all. I would
appreciate any pointers where I should start.

By the way of related questions: what is the "audio codecs" I found among my


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