I boutght my laptop from a friend and it was registered in her name. How
might get it registered in my name. I reregistered and it still has her name
on the general tab and on the sign in screen and other folders. e-mail me at
bloodyreign06(remove this) Thank you




The Username should not be changed.

Open Control Panel - User Accounts

Add yourself as a User. Login as Yourself and move any files to your 'My
Documents Folder'. You can then:
Open Control Panel - User Accounts and remove any unnecessary user accounts
from the computer [friends name and any kids names etc].

The Registered Owner and Registered Company are kept in the Registry.

You can change this by START> RUN.
Type in REGEDIT and press OK

Registry Editor will open
CLick on Edit
Choose Find
Type in the name currently shown as Registered Owner and press the FindNext

When the entry is highlighted it should show as:
RegOwner Owner Name

Double click on that entry and change the old name to yours

Just above the RegOwner is RegCompany

you can also change that entry is required.

Then close the registry editor.

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