Regedit: Access Denied


Rich Bell

I am trying to delete some registry keys associated with drivers for my
digital camera. I am getting "Access Denied" errors when trying to delete or
change permissions on these keys. It will not let me add Administrator
permissions to these keys and it will not let me change the owner of the
keys. It says that I cannot view the permissions but that I can change them.
When I try to change them it says it was unable to change them. How can I
gain access to these keys?

Rich Bell

Yes, and I also tried logging in as an Administrator. This appears to be a
known issue since I have seen posts on various forums from others having the
same problem. It seems that the keys are owned by the System account and
cannot be modified, even by an administrator.

Jimmy Brush

You have to take ownership of the keys first, and then you can change the
permissions to give you access.

You may have to restart regedit after taking ownership or after chaning
permissions before it will realize that the change has been made.

- JB
Microsoft MVP - Windows Shell/User

Windows Vista Support Faq


I have been screwing with this problem for 2 weeks, I do hope someone finds a
solution. I totally belive its a Vista problem that only Microsoft can fix.
Surely they can afford to since the only give 90 days free support for this
operating system that we users will debug for them.

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