Refreshing Pivot Tables



I am working in Excel 2003 in a workbook created by someone else (and I have
little experience with Pivot Tables). This workbook has multiple pivot
tables in multiple worksheets, all based off the same source data. Each time
you refresh one Pivot Table it refreshes all Pivot Tables. Is there any way
to break that link so that I can just refresh some of the tables?

Thanks, in advance,



Roger Govier

Hi Holly

If you right click on the PT, choose Pivot Table Wizard>Back it will show
you where the source range is located.
Make a note of the range (or table name if applicable).

Now, create a named range for the same location with
Insert>Name>Define> Name MyTbl Refers to The same range as you
noted above.

Now, back to the PT>right click.>PT wizard>Back and enter in source = MyTbl

Although the PT is pointing at the same data, it is not using a "common
source" so that PT will be refreshed independently of others.

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