Refreshing cubes



Hi there,
We have several cubes created with Excel which need to bee refreshed
daily. We tried to automate this, but sofar without succes, and we're
wondering if there is a bug involved.
The cubes are extractions from a SQL Server database. To refresh the
cube, we have to open the worksheet, click refresh and then login via
the ODBC DSN to the SQL Server. And this, while the option SAVE
PASSWORD is on...
WHen we make a worksheet directly connecting to the SQL Server there is
no problem: refreshing the info happens without being challenced for
UID and PW. However, if we choose to save a query as an OLAP cube, we
have to enter UID & PW. Again, the option SAVE PASSWORD is checked.

Any idea's? This is the last hurdle to automate a fairly complex
process of delivering daily up-to-date info to management.

Hans Brouwer


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