Refresh Problem on Nested Container, with DockStyle.Fill or TableLayoutPanel...



I am developing an application, which uses .NET 2.0/WinForms and has a
designer for screen layout designing. User has an option to design the
layout of screen, and for that we developed our own controls based on
UserControl Class. After the designing the layout is saved as an XML,
and we have a Loader of XML that renders the layout afterwards.

When we load the controls and layout from xml, every thing works fine
except we are facing Refresh problems, especially if user control
contains TabControl (either Windows standard Tab or 3rd party
TabControl). In that case inner control do not refresh when we resize
the window.

My initial assumption was that it is due to the nesting of Panels, so
we re-write the layout and instead of using nested TableLayoutPanel, we
are managed to use only single one (by using Table ColSpan and RowSpan

We heavily used DockStyle.Fill property in our controls, and another
strange issue, I observed is that refresh problem only occurs on the
controls where DockStyle.Fill property is set, any other control having
other DockStyle property seems to refresh fine.

Any thought about it,
We are testing our application on 64 bit windows.

Any help on this issue is highly appreciated.

Khurram Shakir
(e-mail address removed)


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