Refilling laser printer cartridges...


Trent SC

.... Specifically the TN6600 and TN6300, which run in the Brother HL-1230.
I'm loathe to spend the kind of money that Brother want for fresh
cartridges, and I have one of each, including a freshly-finished TN6600. Is
it possible to buy (in the UK) a refiller for these, or do I need to take
them to a shop and get it done? I passed one in London today called
Cartridge World, and I'd be interested in hearing what the view of this
outfit is as well.

Many thanks.





Stick Stickus

Cartridge World can refill both those cartridges. In Oxford the cost is £20
for the TN6300 and £27.50 for the TN6600. Not only do they warranty the
cartridges but also your printer.
Try 01865 764454
See what they have to say.

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