Refilled Color Cartridges with Wrong Inks - How to Fix Cheaply?



Check Please!

ahchepey said:
It's not a 24/7 thing. I just spend a few minutes a day exercising my
thumb. And water usage is rather low (a few cups).

Besides, being environmentally conscious, by not trashing
undegradeable plastic, is a worthwhile act. Also, being wasteful
often reflects a shallow selfish life.


bullshit you are just a cheap bastard that is brain dead

I think he's already acknowledged that he's cheap; note his
posting name: "ahchepey" (cute for "a cheapie"). He's obviously
quite proud of his squirreling habits. The best suggestion is for
him to pull some of that loot he's stashed away next to his nuts,
take a deep breath, and simply buy a new or recycled cartridge.
But he does have cheapness limits it seems; he hasn't begged the
newsgroup for someone to send him a good used HP cartridge yet. ;-)

Pete Schweaty

yea like I'm going to miss an idiot like you,
thanks for saving me the trouble
May 30, 2017
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I mistakenly refilled my completely empty HP color cartridges using
the wrong color order. The HP color order sticker tricked me. >:-(

I've spent 2 days flushing it out with a syringe and warm water but
the ink still is very strong in color.

Luckily, I only injected 3 mL of ink per chamber (instead of the full
10 mL).

Has anyone made this same mistake and fixed it by cleaning out the
cartridge chambers?

Question: How many days should it take to dilute the mistakenly
injected ink with a syringe and water?

Question: Should I use rubbing alchohol or hydrogen peroxide to force
out the dye based ink? (I'd rather not purchase specialty chemicals
as I want to save money).

Question: Should I cut open the cartridge to wash it out faster? Will
it be difficult to glue back together without leakage?
No Need to flush the cartridges!!! I just made the same mistake...Even worse might I add.
I filled EVERY cartridge with the WRONG color. And b4 any A@@holes state the obvious; VERY STUPID MISTAKE!!! I know. Anyway, I simply removed the chips on each cartridge and replaced them with the corresponding colors that i filled them with. It took me 10 minutes MAX and I was being extra careful.
Voila!! Magic! I used a plastic pry tool, the ones used for cell phone repair, to remove each chip. I'm a technician so I have plenty of those lying around. Hope this helps!!!
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Sep 14, 2017
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Try this:

1) Do a Google image search for the color that you messed up. (For example, if you accidentally put blue ink into the red-ink reservoir, search for "red.")

2) Find a solid image of that color that you can print across an entire sheet of paper. Print this image over and over until the reservoir for that color is empty (or nearly so). Depending on the amount of ink in the reservoir, you may have to print a dozen or more pages.

3) Refill the reservoir with the correct color of ink. Run your printer's cleaning utility and then its alignment utility.

4) Print a test pattern of some kind to see if you were successful. If so, you've burned through some ink and some paper, but that's a lot cheaper than a new cartridge.

Worked for me. Good luck.
Oct 14, 2017
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I made the tragic mistake of putting cling wrap plastic over the print head to void drying out the jet ports. This prompted the inks to mix and cause my cartridge to print in only earth tones... agh.

Well, I've been refilling cartridges for HP and Canon for a few years and I've learned a lot of things. First of all, for basic use, cheap is certainly satisfactory given the amount of printing our private school does (insanely expensive).

I discovered that I can pop the cap on my Canon 241 cartridges and remove the sponges to flush the mixed inks whenever I have to. Be careful to not compress the foam sponges upon handling (it's not foam rubber, btw). Let them dry completely and refill only when I need them. This prevents issues with drying print heads and storage leaks. I'm talking about storing two dozen cartridges here. It works for me. And it's cheap... thank you, and good night.

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