referencing worksheet tabs



In my file, i have a separate worksheet for each day of the month (1, 2, 3,
etc) that has a bunch of lines with a total in (let's say) row 10.
In the last (Summary) worksheet, I have the days running left to right
across the top, and in the next row, i'd like to have a formula that finds
cell (let's say) A10.

So under the column in the Summary worksheet that has a 1, i'd like a
formula that finds the "1" above and knows to look in worksheet #1 and find
cell A10. Then i'd just copy that formula over to find the same cell for
days 2-31.

Need help creating that formula!!!




T. Valko

Assume your numbers (sheet names) are in the range A1:AE1

Enter this formula in A2 and copy across as needed:


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