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Currently I'm working in an excel sheet with a summary page that is linked to
a number of tabs that support it. In the 2003 version of excel I would be
able to double click the cell and it would take me to the referenced cell on
the appropriate tab. However in the new version Vista it does not do this,
but instead just expands the formula. Is there a way to change the settings
in order so it can perform the same function as the 2003 version.




Gord Dibben

In 2003 if you uncheck in Tools>Options>Edit "edit directly in cell" you will
jump to the link upon double-click.

Probably same setting in 2007 but I don't know where that would be.

BTW................Vista is an operating system, not an Office application.

I assume you mean Office 2007

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP




Like you Gord, not familiar with XL07, but this probably still works in
XL07, same as earlier versions:

To *retain* the "Edit In Cell" functionality, don't disable it, but simply
click in cell, then
<Ctrl> < [ >
to jump to the precedent cell(s).

<Ctrl> < ] >
to jump to the dependent cell(s).

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