Referencing Controls Inside a Frame


Patrick Flower

When working with controls on custom forms, it has been
easy to create a page object and then manipulate a control.
For example:

set myPage = Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages

if Item.UserProperties("Standalone") then
myPage.Controls("cmdRelease").Enabled = False
myPage.Controls("cmdRelease").Enabled = True
end if

Question: How do you properly reference a control when it
is inside of a frame control. I can manipulate a frame
control on the page, but cannot seem to reference a
control within a frame.

I have tried creating a frame object and the referencing
the controls within that object, but have not had luck yet.

Documentation seems to be poor in this area. (Or I'm not
loking in the right spots)

Spinning my wheels and need to get going,



Michael D. Ryan

Have you tried the following?

Set myFrame = myPage.Controls("myFrame")
Set myNestedCtl = myFrame.Controls("myNestedCtl")

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