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Hi all,

I have developed an application in which there are uptill now 12
projects and few of them are
dependent on each other.

The problem is I am not able to manage the references across different

Previously I used to get one error it says something like the object of
type cannot be
conveted to the other object but in actual case those objects were of
same type.
Somehow I could able to resolve that problem.

Now the scenario is different now I am getting few warnings like the
'specified dependency
could not be copied because it will overwrite the reference with some
version no. associated
with it'.

And there is one constant problem of the reference path of the DLL's
getting changed constantly even though I specify a proper path for the
referenced dll on recompliation of
the parent project the path of the referenced dll is getting changed

I don't know why such a problem is happening is there any help which I
can use to manage
my references throughout the life of my project.

Thanks in advance




Hi Ms. Sonali,

The solution is quite simple & straight-forward. What you can do is - create
a strong-named assembly, register it with the GAC & then use it across your

To create a key pair use: sn.exe
To link required assembly using the key pair use: al.exe
To register this assembly use: gacutil.exe

If you are not aware of what I am talking about, see .Net framework
documentation or drop me a mail at banavalikar(at)gmail(dot)com or call me on
my cell 9821383583.

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