Reducing size of pst file-OL 2003



Check size of pst file
Exported two mail folders to separate pst files
Deleted both mail folders from Inbox
Closed Outlook, emptied Deleted
Ran Compact Now on the main pst file
Check size of pst file - no change.

What's the point of exporting and deleting if I can't reduce the size of the
main pst file? Any suggestions?


Why are you seeking to reduce its size?

Niether Export or Import is the way to deal with native OL data - as posted

Pat Willener

PST files compact only if there is a significant percentage of free
space. There is no point of running compact for a length of time, just
in order to reduce the file size by a few megabytes.

Do you have size problems with an old ANSI-type PST file? If so, and if
you cannot migrate to a 2003-type PST file, then you may need to split
the file. *Don't* use 'Export'! Use drag-and-drop to move items between
PST files.

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