Recycle - deleted bin list not there anymore



While deleting a batch of files, I had a crash shutdown. After restarting my
Vista Ultimate, I noticed the files I had deleted didn't show up in the
recycle bin. I tried deleting single files as a trial and they don't show up
in the recyle bin but are gone from my windows explorer, so I assume they
were deleted. I also cannot 'delete all files' from the recycle bin (which
aren't shown in the recycle bin) .

I did a Vista system recovery back two days when the recycle bin was working
but still have the same problem. I looked through my windows directory for a
large file list of deleted recycled files and couldn't find any apparent
file. I suspect there's a delete file list somewhere which is getting
humongous in size but don't know what to look for.
Right now if I delete a file accidently I cannot undelete it back because
there's no undelete list. I rarely have to undelete anything but I still
want that option.
Any suggestions?
Thanks, Jon


Right-click the Recycle Bin and choose Properties. Make sure that the
option "Do not move files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when
deleted" is not chosen (choose the alternative).


I looked as you suggested. The "Do not move..." was not checked. That's not
the problem here.
Thanks, Jon.


It started working by itself now. I got into drive-free up storage space. It
showed I had 2+ GB's on the drive in the recycle bin. I told it to delete
them. It did. I then created a dummy file, saved and deleted it. It showed
up in my recycle bin list! I assume I've got my recycle list back now.

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