Recommended way to post/read messages on this message board



I'm using Microsoft's Discussion Groups page to read or post messages on this

Please excuse my naivete... is this a newsgroup/usenet message group? Is the
Microsoft Discussion Groups page a good way to read/post messages?

I used to be able to click "Notify me of replies" and get an email when a
reply was posted. But somehow that doesn't work any longer. Does anyone know

Also, what's the best way to look for messages that I have posted?


Graham Mayor

The Discussion Groups use a Mickey Mouse link to an NNTP usenet server
hosted by Microsoft which unreliably displays the messages in the web view.
The 'notify me of replies' is even more hit or miss than the link itself. It
works on the age old principle of presentation being more important than
content. Those of us who reply to messages almost all access the NNTP server
directly with news reading software. It has no alerts so you have to check
your posts. See

<>>< ><<> ><<> <>>< ><<> <>>< <>><<>
Graham Mayor - Word MVP

My web site

<>>< ><<> ><<> <>>< ><<> <>>< <>><<>

Doug Robbins - Word MVP

One thing in addition to the use of a newsreader as mentioned by Graham - If
you mark your question as one that you want to watch, if there is a response
to it, when you synchronize the newgroup, the name of the newsgroup will be
displayed in a red font. In that way, you can easily see if that has been a
response to your question.

Windows Live Mail automatically does this marking for you.

Hope this helps.

Please reply to the newsgroup unless you wish to avail yourself of my
services on a paid consulting basis.

Doug Robbins - Word MVP, originally posted via

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