Recommendations for a flat panel monitor please :-)



I want a new flat panel monitor, and of course I want the best possible
quality for the least possible amount of money !
After spending lots of time at Toms hardware, I'm even less sure of what you
get for your money.

One complicated area seems to be latency times, these are dealt with quite
thoroughly at Tomshardware but, again, all this info. lots of which seems to
be "splitting-hairs," leaves one even more confused. In addition to
manufacturers latency / refresh figures being less than accurate, the newer
faster 4ms panels apparently are good for games but, not so good for video.
12ms seems to be better for video and dvd etc.

Unless I'm barking up the wrong tree I've whittled it down to either a
( from )

Neovo F419 19" brightness 250cd/m2 Contrast Ratio 500:1 £182.07
or a
Samsung SM913B 19" TFT Silver 8ms 300cd/m2 / 700:1 £244.32

The Neovos' "Hard Coating, Anti-Glare and Anti-Static treatments keep the
display at its best" appeals to me. I suspect the Samsung one is the type
that gives "squishy" rainbow effect if you touch it. Both have DVI input
sockets. Bit of a difference in price, and would prefer the Neoveo with
hard coating on the screen.

....what about a Digimate:-
19" Digimate L-1925 TFT with DVI 3 Year Warranty 250cd/m2 / 700:1 £167.97
...the price is a bit more like it but, yuk! it's got speakers.

It would have been easier to pay the extra and choose a Sony, with it's
almost guaranteed quality and performance but, the X-black models were
almost described as rubbish on Tomshardware's review
Sony X-black:-

Any recommendations ?

regards, Richard

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