Recommendation: Microsoft VPN vs. Cisco 871 Easy VPN



We are switching over from a Linksys Cable/DSL Router to a Cisco 871.
We currently have it setup through Microsoft VPN on our Windows 2000
Server. Would we be better off using a VPN solution (Easy VPN) through
the Cisco Router or opening ports for the Microsoft VPN to work? We
typically have 5-7 users that need remote access through VPN, rarely
would they all be on at the same time.

Phillip Windell

Don't over complicate something that is typically usually looking for an
excuse to quit working anyway (namely VPN in general) and just use the Cisco
device,...assuming of course that it doesn't require software to be loaded
on the VPN Clients. If it requires client software then I wouldn't use that
and go with the MS setup instead. The less config on the client end the
better off you are and avoiding installing software on any machine (which
usually finds some way to conflict with something somewhere) makes you
better off yet.

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