Rebuilding Forest Root


Matthew Kaess

I have a single forest with a root domain, one child
domain and exchange server. Our root DC has a third party
utilities that corrupted the registry and I want to
rebuild it. Before I do this - I am going to bring
another DC online set it as a GC and transfer the FSMO
roles to it. Demote the root DC remove it from the domain
and rebuild it. My understanding is that demoting it will
effectively transfer the FSMO roles to the other DC. I
intend to transfer the roles back to the original DC
after I am done. Might there be any other considerations
in doing this before I start. Any insights would be
welcome and appreciated.

Matthew Kaess - MCSA



Todd Maxey [MSFT]

First we will make some assumptions:
1. This is not the only domain controller in the root domain
2. The machine to be decommissioned is not hosting any network services
beyond being a domain controller. ( i.e.. SQL, Exchange, ISA, IIS, File and
Print Services, DNS, WINS, DHCP, RIS, Certificate Server, etc. )

There should be only two thing to consider:
1. Moving the FSMO roles
2. Creating another Global Catalog ( If this machine is currently a GC )

For Moving the FSMO Roles

Using Ntdsutil.exe to Seize or Transfer FSMO Roles to a Domain Control

HOW TO: View and Transfer FSMO Roles in the Graphical User Interface

For creating a new Global Catalog if needed

HOW TO: Create or Move a Global Catalog in Windows 2000

One last thing to consider

FSMO Placement and Optimization on Windows 2000 Domain Controllers

Todd Maxey
Windows 200X Directory Services
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