Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Re-Release



It appears that Realtek made an OOPS yesterday (July 24), with the Version
R1.72 package for their High Definition Audio Driver. I installed the
driver twice, noticing the driver wasn't actually updating their previous
R1.71 package. The driver version remained unchanged after the update
(Version, dated 7/10/2007), and was not reflecting the version
noted in their README (Version While the download today still
indicates the same R1.72 package, the download files have changed from
Vista_R172.exe and to Vista_R172a.exe and,
respectively. (The XP versions of the files have also changed).

So... today's change should reflect driver Version in Device
Manger, after the install. Those who use this driver may want to check
their versions; mileage may vary, depending on when exactly you downloaded
the driver.

Since last November, this has been there 21st Update for Vista. They do
burn the candle late into the night over there in Realtekland. Which I
appreciate; I'd rather see that, then no driver updates at all, from, say,
OEMNotebookDisplayAdapterland, where a lot of laptop computer manufactures,
some who, having a virtual proprietary lock on this sort of driver, can't
seem to connect with their hardware developers, even though the developers
are keeping pace and releasing new drivers. (Sony, are you out there?)

Cal Bear '66


You should cross-post this to the general and the music_pictures_videos groups.

People in those groups have be having problems too.

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