ReadyBoost via internal card reader; getting 'unsupported interfac



I've read the interview with a programmer of the ReadyBoost project. I know
the basic requirements of the card reader is that it must be internal,
connected to a USB 2.0 port, and must not show empty drives. Well, my card
reader is internal and connected to a USB 2.0 but it does how empty drives
and when I insert a flash card, I get a message saying "the device is plugged
into an unsupported interface" under the ReadyBoost tab. Is there anyway I
can get this to work? If not, can you point me to an internal card reader
that does work with ReadyBoost?


Perhaps the memory in your card reader isn't fast enough to support

-- Andy


I'm pretty sure the card is fast enough (at least according to the specs).
Although my motherboard has only USB 2.0 headers, how can I tell if the card
reader's internal USB cable is 1.1 or 2.0? It is a 4 pin cable.

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