Readyboost drive



I have a gateway 7510gx with 1.5G ram, running window vista x64. I also
dedicated a 4G 150x Lexar usb jumpdrive lightning for the Readyboost. Every
time the USB drive is writing data or reading the data, my sound card
(creative audigy 2 ZS notebook) got very bad static noise. My CPU usage are
at 20%-30% most of the time with couple opened programs, my question is: is
this normal?




I have the same problem with the Audigy 2 ZS. I believe the problem is with
the VERY beta creative labs drivers. I have also had a situation where my USB
BUS had completely locked up after writing to the Readyboost Flash Drive. I
needed to remove power from the PC to reset it. After rebooting Vista listed
4 reasons for the lockup. All were related to the Creative Drivers.

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