Readboost unsupported interface



I have a SD card with 2GB and would like to use it with Vista's new feature,
Readyboost. But after I inserted it into a built-in SD card reader and right
clicked on the device and selected the ReadyBoost tab, but the system says,
"The device is plugged into an unsupported interface." The OS is Vista Home
Premium and with 2GB ram, AMD 64X2 4200 CPU by HP. Can anyone help me to see
what is the problem here? Many thanks.


Problem is not the card - note "..."The device is plugged into an
unsupported interface." ...".

Although it is generally known that external "flash" drives are checked by
Vista for at least the following "At least a 2.5 MB/sec throughput for a KB
random reads and a 1.75 MB?sec throughput for 512 KB random writes" Vista
also performs the check on the internal memory card readers.


Thanks AJR for your quick reply, but how do I know the interface (card reader
here) is supported by Vista's Readyboost? Are there any lists in Microsoft
showing devices or interfaces are supported or not supported by Readyboost?
What can I do to make use of this device (2GB SD card) by Readyboost?

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