Read Only files



I have a macro that goes to a specific folder and opens up any Excel file in
that folder. It then does some stuff to each file, closes the file, and
repeats this process for each file in the folder.

It works great 99 % of the time. Ocassionaly, a user will send in a "read
only" file. When the macro opens one of these "read only" files, it causes
the macro to fail.

Is it possible to select a file and tell if it is "read only" before opening
it? Is it possible to tell if it is "read only" after it has been opened and
before the macro does any stuff to it?

I would like to check if it is "read only" and skip this file if possible.
Any suggestions or peices of code to accomplish this would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks for the help.....



Peter T

opens up any Excel file

Open the workbook in the normal way and check its ReadOnly property

Peter T

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