Read Only documents



I am using Word 2003 SP2. I received a document that was read only.
Since I needed to edit it, I did a Save As (but did not change the name),
unchecked the read-only box in the Properties under Attributes, then selected
my personal hard drive.
I was able to edit the document and save all subsequent changes.
The next day when I opened the document the read only was back and I could
not make changes without saving under a different name.

I then tried to copy the contents of the document to a new Word document,
but the read only is preserved. Doing a Save As results in the same scenario
as above.

How do I save this document and kill the read-only option?


When the "save as" dialog box opens, click on the TOOLS button that is at
the far right. Select PROPERTIES clear the Read Only check box.


Thank you for re-stating my steps and adding the TOOLS, I forgot this in my
description of what I had already done.
SAVE AS>TOOLS>Properties>Attributes>read-only check box.
The problem is this does not work.
The next day the document is again read-only.

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