Re-Imaged, Screen Fonts Seem To Have Become Less Crisp?



Windows XP, SP3: A guy had his laptop re-imaged.

Now he says that his on-screen fonts (specifically Arial) are
less crisp than they were under the old image.

Admittedly, without the old image to compare against, this sounds
kind of subjective - but I believe this guy.

When we print a document with the font in question, it prints
a-ok... so it's just the screen's rendition of it that suffers.

I verified that the screen was set to native rez and highest

Then I tried opening up the "Fonts" control panel to check out
Arial. Only thing I noticed was that the control panel listed
it as "Arial (TrueType)" but the window that opened called it
"Arial (OpenType)". Could that be a clue?

Only other thing we noticed was that, in MS Word, if "Print
Layout" is selected, the font degrades even more ... a *lot*

Can anybody suggest a cause/cure?


Per (PeteCresswell):
Can anybody suggest a cause/cure?

Oops!... I withdraw the question.

The user figured it out:

"...change the setting on desktop preferences, effects, and move
to clear type rather than standard type"

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