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I know what you are saying and how you must feel. I have the same issue and
no solution. Media center on Vista displays the webcam fine as does HP's
QPlay. Any other application does not seem to connect. Strange part was
I started Live messenger and selected the audio-video config my tv tuner
was displayed as the webcam input--the only one it found. I suppose I could
connect the camcorder to the a/v input on the tuner card and broadcast that


Ltel said:
Hp dv600 laptop with vista does not seem to detect the built -in webcam

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Had same/similar problems with webcam on my HP 9292eu, tried lots of fixes
even new driver Vista fix from HP which didn't work. HP help were not much
saying it is an issue with some.

So far, few days I have it working by uninstalling in device manager then
choosing add new hardware and selecting Imaging device and choosing HP
webcam it then loads new USB drivers and it works in all applications
Windows live etc. I have 2 installed webcams showing in device manager HP
webcam and USB webcam the HP one not installed correctly. Hope this may
help someone.
By the way TV tuner cards are also an issue so say HP and have no fixes for
them yet!!!!!!

Rodney Farmer

Had the same problem on my HP dv9267. I can use the built in webcam with
Skype and Windows Live messenger using the following procedure:
Put PC into hibernation, then exit hibernation and immediately use the web
cam - for me this works for one webcam session. if you exit the webcam
application and restart, you have to go through the hibernation procedure
again. I have spoken to HP support but they don't acknowledge the problem.


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