Re: How to get watermark on all pages in Word 2007?


Jay Freedman

I have a simple 3-page document. I would like to put a watermark on
all pages. To insert a watermark, I click on Page Layout | Watermark |
Draft 1. If I do this from page 1, I get it on page 1 only. If I then
do it from page 2, I get it on pages 2-3, but it disappears from page
1. If I redo it from page 1, it reappears on page 1, but disappears
from pages 2-3.

What is going on?

That behavior indicates that you have "different first page" turned
on. Double-click in the header area so you can see the Header & Footer
Tools tab on the ribbon. The Different First Page checkbox is in the
Options group.

If you don't need to have this turned on in order to have a different
header/footer on page 1 than on the other pages, turn it off.

If you do need a different first page, you need to change your
- Insert the watermark on page 1.
- Open the header pane on page 1.
- Click on the watermark to select it, and copy it to the clipboard.
- Move the cursor into the header on page 2.
- Paste.
- Close the header pane.

The reason for this is that the code behind the Watermark button is
too "smart" for your good. Each time you insert a watermark with the
button, it first deletes any existing watermark in all headers, but
then it only inserts the new one in the current page's header. If it
did both steps only in the current page header, then it would behave
the way you expect.


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