Re: DHCP scope subnet mask


Herb Martin

No, I don't believe there is. This is one of those
things that require re-creation of the scope.

And there isn't much play to using another scope
and a superscope(group) to apply both.

You really should reboot or use IPConfig /renew on
every client if you delete the scope. Since DHCP
server probe (by default) for others using an address
you might survive if you just rebuild it. Problem is
that if you rebuild the scope, you lose track of the
current leases.

If it's a lot of machines, you might reduce the Lease
period, wait one lease period (or at least half) so
everyone renews to the new period, then you might
only be hosed up for a SMALL lease (say 1 hour,
at night.)

One weird attempt -- use a new overlapping scope,
with multiscope(group) while excluding the remaining
addresses in the first scope and perhaps even assigning
(temporarily) the current leases to the new scope by
MAC as reservations.

It's easier to renew them all.

How many are you talking for ONE scope? Or do you
have a LOT OF Scopes to change too?

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